ALMA Series
€ 127.00 € 127.00 127.0 EUR
The lights from the ALMA series are used wherever robust and elegant wall or ceiling lighting is required. Degree of protection IP65 and impact resistance level IK10 ensure permanent functionality even in adverse environments, variants with integrated invisible movement and light sensors for demand-controlled, energy-efficient operation.
ELLEN Series
€ 86.00 € 86.00 86.0 EUR
Due to their timeless, elegant design, the LED lights of the ELLEN series are ideal for ceiling or wall mounting in hallways, stairwells or functional rooms. An optionally integrated, invisible movement and light sensor as well as a good light yield guarantee a demand-driven, energy-efficient operation.
€ 862.00 € 862.00 862.0 EUR
The office floor lamp ISABELLE is an intelligent and particularly flexible lighting solution for individual workstations, which can be easily relocated and transported thanks to its high mobility. The simple shape of the aluminum housing characterizes the appearance of the luminaire, the presence detector integrated in the luminaire head ensures that the direct and indirect light is controlled as required.
€ 420.00 € 420.00 420.0 EUR
The ISABELLE pendant light is an elegant lighting solution for conference rooms, entrance areas and many other locations where an effective combination of style and light quality is important. Its sleek, timeless design enables easy integration into any environment, while the optional presence detector integrated in the luminaire head ensures control of glare-free direct and indirect light as required.

Variants with integrated sensor system for presence and daylight dependent constant light control
€ 155.00 € 0.00 155.0 EUR
Portable spotlight with emergency light function, SLP-2 impresses with its high luminosity and robustness. Whether steady or flashing light, well thought-out details ensure flexible use in buildings or as a constant companion on emergency vehicles.